BackJoy Imphy Squizer

Experience the perfect blend of muscle-soothing squeeze and rotation with the BackJoy Imphy Squizer. Use it before and after voice class, acting class or drama class to release tight muscles for optimum performance.

Elevate your singing experience with the BackJoy Imphy Squizer. Tailored for intermediate to advanced singers, this handheld rotating massager goes beyond vocal technique, offering a profound connection to the essence of your voice.

1.  Precision Muscle Relief:
The Imphy Squizer’s two non-slip wheels deliver targeted compression and massage to your muscles, promoting blood circulation and melting away tension. Its ergonomic handle allows you to apply firm pressure with a comforting squeeze, reaching multiple muscle groups without any discomfort.

3. Versatile Relaxation:
Whether you’re a karaoke enthusiast, choral performer, or seasoned professional, the BackJoy Imphy Squizer is your go-to solution for relaxing your back, neck, shoulders, legs, or arms. Experience rapid relief, improved flexibility, and heightened wellness in just minutes.

4. Designed for Singers, Loved by All:
Crafted for those who seek more from their singing journey, the BackJoy Imphy Squizer is equally embraced by hobbyists and professionals alike. It’s your secret weapon for unlocking the full potential of your voice.

5. Enhance Your Singing Lifestyle:
Embrace the power of the BackJoy Imphy Squizer. Click the ‘Buy Now’ button below and embark on a journey to discover a new dimension of vocal bliss and well-being.


How to use


Listen to the recording as and when required. Do not listen when driving, crossing the road or operating heavy machinery.


Text / Script

Read the text to yourself or others. You may read the text out loud or to yourself. It doesn’t matter. The effect will be the same.

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