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A Journey of Holistic Well-Being

Find Balance and Harmony with Our wellness offerings

Our methods blend the wisdom and science of Eastern and Western traditions to help you find balance and harmony in your body, mind and spirit.  Each method offers a different way of looking at and healing yourself. You can choose the method that suits you best, or combine them to create your own personalised path.
All methods are gentle, natural and safe, and do not involve taking any drugs or supplements, so you can use them along with your existing wellness practices.


Clinical Hypnotherapy is a psychological therapy that uses hypnosis to access the deeper parts of your mind and change your behaviours, emotions and thoughts. It can help you relax your nervous system and activate the parasympathetic response, which promotes healing and balance in your body.

Heal Your Animal Companion With Jin SHin Energy Healing

Our animal Healing uses Jin Shin energy healing to gently move stagnant energy through the animal’s body. There are no needles or similar invasive treatment, and no need for ingestion of medication, making it 100% complementary to every existing veterinary practice.

Manage your anxiety with voice lessons

Are you tired of the constant battle with anxiety that holds you back from unleashing your full potential? Do you dream of confidently expressing yourself, both vocally and emotionally? If you’re among those who experience the relentless grip of anxiety and are ready for a transformative change, our tailored programs are designed just for you.

Introducing Nervous System Regulation through Voice for Anxiety Relief and Empowerment

Our nervous system regulation program is a holistic approach that combines the power of voice coaching and anxiety management techniques. We understand the unique challenges you face and provide tailored guidance to help you:

– Develop confidence in your voice.

– Release stress and anxiety through vocal exercises.

– Conquer the fear of judgment during performances.

– Attain emotional stability and control.

– Cultivate mindfulness and presence.

– Improve physical wellness by addressing anxiety-related symptoms.

– Foster a positive self-image.

– Build resilience to anxiety triggers.

– Enjoy the process of learning and self-discovery.

– Join a supportive community of like-minded individuals.

We use holistic wellness practices, such as our proprietary NeuroVoice (TM) and Jin Shin Voice (TM), to help you activate your sensory awareness, neural pathways, energy flow, and emotional balance.

  • Transform Your Voice and Your Life

Don’t let anxiety hold you back any longer. Experience the transformation with our nervous system regulation methods. Learn more and embark on a journey towards a confident, empowered, and anxiety-free you. Your voice matters, and so do you. Join us today!


Our Methods

Jin Shin Voice

Heal your voice and body
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Sing smarter
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Melody, Harmony, Rhythm

Heal yourself
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Embody your voice
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Neural Activation

Better brain, better life
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voice lessons

If you’re yearning for a highly desirable singing outcome in a short timeframe, this is your must-read. Explore my guide on Jin Shin Voice (R) to get the best shape of your singing life. Your vocal transformation is just a few finger-holds away!

Discover in this information sheet :

  1. Release Tension: Uncover the power of specific finger holds to liberate tension in your body, mind, and voice, paving the way for a more relaxed and controlled vocal performance.

  2. Harmonize Singer Woes: Learn the art of finger positioning to address common issues like coughs and sore throats, bringing harmony to your singing journey.

  3. Conquer Emotional Blockages: Overcome stage fright and other emotional hurdles that hinder your performance. Jin Shin Voice (R) empowers you to embrace the spotlight with confidence and grace.

Don’t let insecurity hold back your vocal potential. Take the first step towards a more confident and captivating singing experience with Jin Shin Voice (R).

The Information Sheet is available in English and Mandarin.


Hypnosis Audios and Scripts

WELCOME TO VOCALOGY: Sanctuary of Sound and Self-discovery

At Vocalogy, we invite you to experience  a transformative approach to enhance your wellbeing. We believe that your voice is not only a tool for communication, but also a reflection of your inner state and a source of healing.

  • Ancient wisdom and modern approaches

Our services and programs that are rooted in both the ancient wisdom of Eastern culture and in modern approaches to nervous system regulation.

  • Improve vocal skills, overcome fear and rejuvenate

Whether you want to improve your vocal skills, overcome your fears, or simply relax and rejuvenate, we are here to be your guide in your adventure of vocal and inner harmony.



The seven petals of our logo represent seven aspects of peace that we can cultivate when we are in harmony with ourselves and the world around us. 
  1. Personal peace: This refers to the inner peace and serenity that one experiences when one’s thoughts, feelings, and actions are aligned with one’s values, goals, and aspirations. Personal peace can be achieved by cultivating self-awareness, self-compassion, mindfulness, gratitude, and optimism.
  2. Interpersonal peace: This refers to the positive and respectful relationships that one has with others, based on mutual understanding, empathy, trust, and cooperation. Interpersonal peace can be achieved by practicing active listening, effective communication, conflict resolution, and forgiveness.
  3. Social peace: This refers to the sense of belonging and contribution that one feels as a member of a larger community or society, based on shared norms, values, and goals. Social peace can be achieved by promoting diversity, inclusion, justice, and civic engagement.
  4. Environmental peace: This refers to the sustainable and respectful interaction that one has with the natural world and its resources, based on awareness, appreciation, and stewardship. Environmental peace can be achieved by reducing waste, conserving energy, protecting biodiversity, and supporting green initiatives.
  5. Artistic peace: This refers to the aesthetic and expressive quality that one creates or appreciates in a work of art or design, based on the use of elements such as color, line, shape, form, value, space, and texture. In Singing, artistic peace is obtained with we flow freely with the harmony, melody and rhythm of the music.
  6. Spiritual peace: This refers to the transcendent and meaningful connection that one has with oneself, others, nature, or a higher power or purpose, based on faith, hope, love, and wisdom. Spiritual harmony can be achieved by exploring one’s beliefs and values, engaging in rituals and practices, seeking guidance and inspiration, and expressing gratitude and compassion.
  7. Holistic peace: This refers to the integration and balance of all the aspects of harmony mentioned above into a coherent and fulfilling whole. Holistic harmony can be achieved by recognizing the interdependence and interrelatedness of all aspects of life and striving for optimal well-being in each domain.

Meet Our Founder


As an independent professional, Grace Ng possesses a diverse background. Grace is certified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Somatic Voicework teacher, and Jin Shin Jyutsu Physio-Philosophy practitioner. Besides formal training, she has also pursued various courses in holistic wellness and functional rehabilitation.

She is passionate about pioneering innovative and more efficient voice teaching methods that bridge healthcare and functional voice training. The aim is to promote holistic well-being encompassing the mind, body, spirit, and voice. She has introduced two novel approaches: Jin Shin Voice, which combines Jin Shin Jyutsu with functional voice training, and NeuroVoice, integrating neural activation into voice training.

The primary focus is on regulating the nervous system through voice lessons. Grace advocates the significance of the mind-body connection and the role of emotional regulation achieved through practices such as deep breathing, self-awareness, self-knowledge, and self-care.

 She has an unwavering interest in exploring and developing innovative techniques to enhance vocal capabilities. Her professional ethos is driven by a deep curiosity and an unyielding commitment to advancing knowledge for the betterment of science.


OUr JOurney: Continuously Learning and Growing to Serve Your Better

At Vocalogy, we are passionate about learning and growing with you to offer you a unique and memorable experience that you deserve. With years of experience and countless satisfied customers, we have a proven track record of delivering exceptional results.

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A Global Spotlight

Our business has been featured in various publications around the world, from Singapore to the UK and Australia. Our fascinating approach has captured the attention of media outlets and audiences alike.

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