Melody, Harmony, Rhythm

Description: Our signature method is simple, easy-to-apply energy healing first aid that everyone can do.


Step 1: Follow the meridian.


Step 2: Find the zone (Bust, Waist, or Hip)


Step 3: Touch and heal!


Do you want to learn how to heal yourself and others with the power of energy? Do you want to discover the secrets of Jin Shin energy healing, an ancient and effective technique that balances your body, mind and spirit? Do you want to enjoy the benefits of Jin Shin for any situation and any season?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need the Jin Shin Bust Waist Hip Method (™). This is a simple and easy-to-understand way of applying Jin Shin energy principles to your bustline, waistline, and hipline zones. These are the three key areas that affect your health, happiness and harmony.


The Jin Shin BWH Method will teach you how to use your hands to activate specific energy points on your body. By doing this, you can release stress, pain, tension and toxins. You can also boost your immunity, vitality, creativity and confidence. You can even improve your relationships, finances and career.


What makes the Jin Shin BWH Method (™) unique and easy?

The Jin Shin BWH Method (™) simplifies the complex art of Jin Shin by focusing on one thing: body reading. You don’t need to check your pulse or memorize complicated charts. All you need to do is look at your body and see which zone is out of balance. Is it your Bust, Waist or Hip? Each zone corresponds to a different type of ailment, such as emotional, mental or physical. Once you know your zone, you can harmonize it with simple hand placements. That’s it! The Jin Shin BWH Method (™) makes energy healing accessible and effective for everyone.


The Jin Shin BWH Method (™)  is suitable for everyone, regardless of age, gender or background. You don’t need any special equipment or skills. All you need is your own hands and a willingness to learn.


So what are you waiting for? Start your journey to energy healing!

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