Importance of the Breath

The Bustline, Waistline and Hipline are three zones of the body that correspond with the emotional, mental and physical aspects of Be-ing in Jin Shin energy healing. In Music, they are associated with Harmony, Melody and Rhythm. The Jin Shin Bust Waist Hip Method, helps us find our personal Music and harmonise ourselves, so that we can reduce the dissonance in our relationships and vibrate at a higher frequency.

Built on a foundation of singing teaching and animal wellness, the Jin Shin Bust Waist Hip (‘BWH’) method is a deep dive into the musical aspects of Jin Shin energy healing, with practical, observable improvements in both musicality and health.

The Jin Shin BWH Method will teach you how to use your hands and fingers to harmonise specific energy points and organ function energies on your body. The latter are the same as those of traditional Chinese medicine, but without the need for needles, cupping etc.  By doing this, you can release stress, pain, tension and toxins. You can also boost your immunity, vitality, creativity and confidence. You can even improve your relationships, finances and career.

The Jin Shin BWH is highly recommended for all singers, musicians, music therapists, vocal coaches, animal companions, and everyone who loves music and wants to be healthy.


Deep breathing is of significance in religious, spiritual, and even physical performance optimisation practices. It is crucial in singing. In Jin Shin energy healing, energy follows the breath. Where the breath ‘stops’- along the Bustline, Waistline or Hipline, provides important information as to the cause of the blockage. 

What makes the Jin Shin BWH Method ™ unique and easy?

The Jin Shin BWH Method ™ focusses on the breath as the feedback. The deeper the breath, the more effective the flow or self-help used. You don’t need to check your pulse or memorize complicated charts. All you need to do is look at your body and see where the breath stops -is it your Bustline, Waistline or Hipline? Once you know your zone, you can harmonize it with simple hand placements. That’s it! The Jin Shin BWH Method ™ makes energy healing accessible and effective for everyone.

Suitable for Everyone

The Jin Shin BWH Method ™  is suitable for everyone, regardless of age, gender or background. You don’t need any special equipment or skills. All you need is your own hands and a willingness to learn.

So what are you waiting for? Start your journey to energy healing today!

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