Emotional self-care

Our hands and palms are not only useful for performing various tasks, but they are also powerful tools for healing and self-care in Jin Shin energy healing. They contain all the energy points and pathways that connect to our organs and functions. By holding our fingers and palms, we can harmonize our energy and release any blockages that may cause physical or emotional discomfort.

Each finger also relates to a negative emotion that we may experience in our daily lives, such as worry, fear, anger, sadness or pretense/trying-to. These emotions can affect our well-being and happiness if they are not addressed. We can soothe these emotions and bring more peace and joy to our lives by holding the corresponding finger. This simple practice can help us balance our emotions and feel more calm and centered.

Emotions and Fingers

We hold the thumb for Worry. Worry can arise from anxiety, stress, or uncertainty about the future. Holding the thumb can help us calm our mind and trust the flow of life.

We hold the index finger for Fear. Fear can come from feeling threatened, insecure, or vulnerable. Holding the index finger can help us feel more safe, confident, and courageous.

We hold the middle finger for Anger. Anger can result from frustration, resentment, or injustice. Holding the middle finger can help us express our feelings in a healthy way and forgive ourselves and others.

We hold the ring finger for Sadness. Sadness can stem from loss, grief, or disappointment. Holding the ring finger can help us heal our heart and find joy and gratitude in life.

We hold the pinky finger for Trying-to/Pretense. Trying-to/Pretense can occur when we are not authentic, honest, or true to ourselves. Holding the pinky finger can help us be more genuine, sincere, and compassionate.


To hold a finger, you simply wrap the fingers and thumb of the opposite hand around it gently for 2-5 minutes. You can do this while sitting or standing quietly and breathing normally. You may feel a pulse in the finger as the energy flows. You can do this on both hands or just one hand.

You can also form a circle with your thumb and the finger you want to hold, and keep this position if it feels more comfortable and easy for you.

Holding the fingers in Jin Shin Energy Healing is a simple and effective way to balance and harmonize your energy and emotions. By holding the finger that corresponds to the emotion you want to soothe, you can release the tension and restore the harmony in your energy system. You can do this anytime and anywhere, as long as you are comfortable and relaxed. This practice can help you feel more calm and centered, and improve your well-being and happiness. Try it for yourself and see how it works for you.

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