Jin Shin Voice: Discover the Secrets of Body and Voice Transformation

Jin Shin Voice  incorporates Jin Shin energy healing to make your voice training a journey of self-discovery and self-transformation. Your body and voice are connected, revealing your inner state of being when you sing or speak. Notice how your body and breath hold or release tension, reflecting your emotional, mental and physical balance or imbalance.

Jin Shin Voice is a unique method that helps you understand and harmonize your body and voice. Based on Jin Shin energy healing, an ancient art that uses your hands to balance your energy flow, Jin Shin Voice allows you to:

✓ Identify breath holding patterns correlating to underlying emotional, mental and physical disharmonies in your body that affect your voice quality and expression
✓ Heal and enhance your organ energies that affect your voice and health
✓ Open and activate the energy points that help you express your true self and emotions through your voice
✓ Heal and transform the negative emotions and beliefs from your past that influence the way you communicate today
✓ Improve your posture and awareness of the emotions that shape it

Jin Shin Voice is more than just voice training. It is a journey of self-discovery and self-transformation, creating peace and harmony in your body, mind and spirit through your voice.