Our Logo: The 7 Petal Flower of Being

Harmony and Peace are two beautiful gifts that we can give to ourselves and others.
Harmony means living in sync with our true selves and with those around us, embracing our diversity and uniqueness.
Peace means feeling calm and serene in our hearts and minds, and spreading kindness and love to everyone and everything around us.
When we live in harmony, we practice non-violence, and we seek to understand and appreciate different perspectives.
When we live in peace, we create a safe and supportive environment for ourselves and other, where we can grow and  thrive.
Harmony and Peace are both vital for our happiness and health, as they nourish our souls and inspire us to be better.
The 7 petals of our logo represents 7 aspects of peace that we can cultivate when we are in harmony with ourselves and the world around us. They are:
Personal peace: This refers to the inner peace and serenity that one experiences when one’s thoughts, feelings, and actions are aligned with one’s values, goals, and aspirations. Inner peace can be achieved by cultivating self-awareness, self-compassion, mindfulness, gratitude, and optimism.
Interpersonal peace: This refers to the positive and respectful relationships that one has with others, based on mutual understanding, empathy, trust, and cooperation. Interpersonal peace can be achieved by practicing active listening, effective communication, conflict resolution, and forgiveness.
Social peace: This refers to the sense of belonging and contribution that one feels as a member of a larger community or society, based on shared norms, values, and goals. Social peace can be achieved by promoting diversity, inclusion, justice, and civic engagement.
Environmental peace: This refers to the sustainable and respectful interaction that one has with the natural world and its resources, based on awareness, appreciation, and stewardship. Environmental peace can be achieved by reducing waste, conserving energy, protecting biodiversity, and supporting green initiatives.
Artistic peace: This refers to the aesthetic and expressive quality that one creates or appreciates in a work of art or design, based on the use of elements such as color, line, shape, form, value, space, and texture. In Singing, artistic peace is obtained with we flow freely with the harmony, melody and rhythm rhythm of the music.
Spiritual peace: This refers to the transcendent and meaningful connection that one has with oneself, others, nature, or a higher power or purpose, based on faith, hope, love, and wisdom. Spiritual harmony can be achieved by exploring one’s beliefs and values, engaging in rituals and practices, seeking guidance and inspiration, and expressing gratitude and compassion.
Holistic peace: This refers to the integration and balance of all the aspects of harmony mentioned above into a coherent and fulfilling whole. Holistic harmony can be achieved by recognizing the interdependence and interrelatedness of all aspects of life and striving for optimal well-being in each domain.
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