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Grace has been our daughter’s singing teacher for last couple of years. Her very unique perspective on teaching music is a holistic approach focussed on well-being, posture, and Jin Shin Jyutsu, which is a whole new perspective in unlocking our daughter’s potential despite her speech challenges.

Grace has a special way to engage and tons of empathy to connect with our daughter.
Nisha Mullatti
It has been an amazing learning journey with Teacher Grace, not only for my daughter but also for myself. Grace’s approach broadens the whole spectrum of learning singing- it’s not only just about singing, it’s physical, mind and emotional aspect which rounds up everything.

Both my daughter and myself are grateful to have been through this amazing learning journey with Teacher Grace.
Fiona T
I really enjoy Grace's classes as she teaches voice work in a holistic context, and how overall physical and mental wellness supports speech and singing. Her classes are never dull and there's always something new to learn! I've also learnt how to manage my stress and anxiety through breathing and Jin Shin Jyutsu techniques, which have been helpful in my daily life and work.
Samantha Leong
It’s a genuine pleasure to provide a testimonial for Grace, who has been our daughter Lara’s singing teacher since 2017.

In fact, Grace has been much more than that, as she is not only a gifted musician but a perceptive and intuitive teacher, who offers her students particularly helpful and meaningful, yet - and this is important - unquantifiable, layers of support that go well beyond making music.

Grace has a passion for teaching, but equally for her own learning and for conveying the knowledge she acquires through different avenues of training such as Jin Shin Jyutsu, to her students, when and where appropriate.

Lara has blossomed not only as a vocalist and musician but matured as a human being with Grace’s guidance and advice.

We are deeply grateful and are certain that anyone who works with Grace will walk out of her studio feeling the difference.
Mr and Mrs S
I have been under Grace for close to 8 years. I was previously learning Indian classical music but started developing throat issues which didn't allow me to sing for more than a minute without having throat pain. I seeked medical help and was referred to a speech therapist who told me my throat issues were likely caused by not using right techniques for singing.

Under Grace, I learnt the proper way to sing and the importance of breath. I was able to last longer when singing. My range has improved and I am able to use head voice with more ease now.

I think what sets Grace apart from the rest is her holistic approach to singing. You work on physical and emotional restraints that affect the key elements needed for singing such as breath. As you work on these, your singing improves and you feel better. Along with singing, the classes have helped me with my stress and shoulder pain. I feel regular singing classes have likely helped me avoid some serious ailments as well.
Poovaneswari Suppiah
My child has studied with Grace for 5 years to date. In these 5 years, they have won singing competitions and taken examinations in preparation for college.

They enjoy every class. Besides studying vocal techniques and understanding their voice, Grace also helps them with their original songs. When they are under stress, voice class is like a therapy session. They come out from class feeling much happier.

Grace combines her knowledge of the human condition with her understanding of vocal technique, to understand my child’s anxiety and fears, suggesting various methods of resolution. Her classes are not just voice class but rather, an uplifting of the entire person-body, mind and spirit. This is why we’ve studied with Grace for the past 5 year and will keep doing so for a long time.



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