Brock String Test

The Brock String Test is a vision therapy tool that trains your eyes to converge and improves your vision, posture, and coordination.

Do you suffer from a lazy eye, poor posture, or lack of coordination? If so, you may have a problem with your binocular vision, or the ability to use both eyes together. But don’t worry, there is a simple and effective solution: the Brock String Test.

The Brock String Test is a vision therapy tool that helps you improve your eye alignment, eye teaming, and eye coordination. It consists of a white string with coloured beads that you can adjust to different distances. By focusing on each bead and noticing the visual input from each eye, you can train your eyes to converge and work in harmony.

The Brock String Test is not only easy to use, but also fun and rewarding. You can do it at home or anywhere you have a fixed point to attach the string. You can also vary the difficulty by changing the bead positions, using lenses or prisms, or adding head movements. As you practice, you will notice your vision becoming clearer, sharper, and more comfortable.

Improving your binocular vision will make a huge difference in your life. You will no longer struggle with eye strain or headaches when you read, write, or work. You will have more accurate depth perception and spatial awareness. You will feel more confident and balanced in your physical activities. And you will appreciate a more vivid and colorful world.

Order the Brock String Test today and start your journey to better vision.


How to use


Listen to the recording as and when required. Do not listen when driving, crossing the road or operating heavy machinery.


Text / Script

Read the text to yourself or others. You may read the text out loud or to yourself. It doesn’t matter. The effect will be the same.

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