The Spleen Flow for Actors, Singers and Dancers

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The Spleen Flow helps performers feel by making them feel safe. Its astrological sign is Cancer- the crab . A cardinal water sign, the Spleen flow is about going within, into the deep waters of oneself for understanding and for emotional resources. In Jin Shin Energy healing, Spleen is also related to element Earth. Spleen is thus also grounding, nurturing and earthly. Its dual elemental nature (Water and Earth), allows it to help both Anxiety (caused by disharmony of Water element) and Worry (caused by disharmony of Earth element).

Like its crab zodiac sign, the Spleen Flow’s hard exterior helps us explore, maintain and develop boundaries, without which, the ‘I’ of the Self never gets defined. Without clear boundaries, our essential energy gets depleted as we do not know how to say ‘no’ to protect ourselves, our time and our energy.

The Spleen Flow helps us feel. It awakens the senses so that performers can be aware of their environment and relationships. It also helps people feel when they feel numb- both in the metaphorical and physical sense.

Finally, the Spleen Flow helps us feel our feelings- emotions that may be suppressed and repressed, trapped in the tissues of our body; and by extension, the feelings of others such as the characters that we play, as well as the people in our lives. Not surprisingly, the meridian path of the Spleen Flow (below) goes through the zone of the heart chakra, reminding us to live our lives with unconditional acceptance and love.

The Spleen Flow also helps bring people who feel too much into balance. These may be people who are  emotionally sensitive,or easily affected by the emotions of those around them.

The path of the Spleen Flow:

The Meaning of the Spleen Flow in Jin Shin Energy Healing

In Jin Shin Energy Healing (like in crystal healing), energy flows from the left hand through the body to its destination in the right hand.

In the first step of the Spleen Flow, the left hand is on the coccyx bone representing Kundalini energy in the root chakra, and the right is on point 5. Life energy moves from the root chakra to the point 5, the highest vibratory number of the physical body (1st depth of energy).

The left hand stays on the coccyx bone while the right hand moves to the opposite point 14. Point 14 represents the Mind. This point is named ‘balance;equilibrium’. Life energy moves from the coccyx bone through the hands to replenish the Mind, and bring balance and equilibrium to the body.

Now the left hand moves to the right point 13. Point 13 represents the emotions. Energy moves from the emotions to nourish the Mind- a return to rationality.

Finally, the left hand moves to point 22 while the right hand stays put point 14. Point 22 is about the ability to adapt in all life’s circumstances. This step is about being mental agile, flexible and adaptive.

Follow the steps of the Spleen flow here:

You may hold the thumb as a finger facilitator to harmonise the Spleen Flow if you are unable to carry out all the steps due to time or physical constraints. The right thumb harmonises projects in the current lifestyle, while holding the left thumb harmonises projects that are rooted in the past. You may hold the thumb either with the fingers of the other hand, or by wrapping the other fingers of the same hand around it.  Hold the the thumb for 20 minutes for therapeutic purposes. Alternatively, you may wish to hold it for as long as you like.

Health benefits

The Spleen Flow:

  • Feeds the brain. After receiving a lot of information, the Spleen Flow replenishes energy going to the brain.
  • Boosts immunity and prevents you from falling sick easily
  • Helps dispel dizziness
When to do the Spleen Flow

Do the Spleen Flow:

  • As part of your warm-up as mental, emotional and physical conditioning
  • As part of your post-performance cooldown in order to get back into balance
  • For digestion of heavy learning in class

We teach the Spleen Flow to all our students in our classes. Its benefits are many, promoting authentic expression that resounds far beyond the reaches of the stage.

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