Well-being and Good Grades: Jin Shin Jyutsu Student Survival Guide

Jin Shin Jyutsu Physio-Philosophy ® is a form of energy healing. The practitioner or the patient places their hands on two points on the body or holds a finger and/or toe. Simple, non-invasive, easy to use and best of all, free, it is my go-to method for releasing the voice in my voice studio.

It has many other uses. I’ve collected some quickies that your child can use to stay balanced and centered in the frenzy of activity that is the school term.



Spleen Organ Function Flow Quickie

Jin Shin Jyutsu adopts concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The concept of organ function flows is one of them. Essentially an organ function flow is a pathway of energy through the body whose function is condensed in the organ that it is named after.

The Spleen flow is of particular interest. “ The Spleen is said to be the ‘residence’ of the Intellect (Yi). The Intellect resides in the Spleen and is responsible for applied thinking, studying, memorizing, focusing, concentrating and generating ideas…if the Spleen is strong, thinking will be clear, memory good and the capacity for concentrating, studying and generating ideas will also be good. If the Spleen is weak, the Intellect will be dull and thinking will be slow, memory poor and the capacity for studying, concentrating and focusing will all be weak. Conversely, excessive studying, mental work, and concentration for sustained periods can weaken the Spleen.”(Macioca, Giovanni. ‘The Foundations of Chinese Medicine: A Comprehensive Text.” 3rd edition. 2015, Elsevier Ltd.)

To harmonize the Spleen flow with Jin Shin Jyutsu, get your child to place his or her right hand on the coccyx bone (tailbone) and the left hand on the left inner ankle. This can be easily done if you cross your legs. Place the hands at that position for 2 minutes. You do not need to apply any pressure or massage the area. Just placing your hands at the positions stated will suffice. If you can feel pulsation under your hands, wait until the pulsation subsides. Remove your hands. Subsequently, do the same but with the left hand on the coccyx bone and the right hand on the right inner ankle.

Alternatively, you may also have your child hold his or her thumb on the right and/or left for 2 minutes to harmonize the Spleen flow.

Apply as needed or once in the morning and once before bed. The Spleen flow can also help you fall asleep.

Safety Energy Lock-14

A safety energy lock is an invisible ball of energy in a specific location on the body. There are 26 safety energy locks in Jin Shin Jyutsu through which energy runs. If these locks become blocked, energy reverses resulting in emotional, mental and physical disharmonies.

Safety energy lock 14, located at the bottom ribs on both sides of the body, is also known as ‘balance, equilibrium, and sustenance’. It is at the level of the Mind. It is easily disharmonized by excessive mental work. A disharmonized safety energy lock 14 may cause digestive disorders e.g. lactose intolerance and vision issues e.g. shortsightedness. These extend to the emotional and mental realms as well. The person may not be able to digest new information and ideas. His or her vision may only be limited to what’s in front of him or her and not beyond.

To harmonize safety energy lock 14, have your child place his or her left hand over the right lower ribs. The right hand should be placed on the end of the left arm (close to the elbow). Place your hands at the specified positions for 2 minutes or until pulsation under both hands subsides.

Reverse the hand positions (right hand over left lower ribs; left hand on the bend of right elbow) and hold for 2 minutes or until pulsation under both hands subsides.

Apply as needed.



The Third Method of Correction Quickie

The Third Method of Correction quickie gives you a quick boost of energy if you need it. Place the tips of your fingers of both hands on the top center of your head. It may be easier to rest your elbows on a table while doing this quickie so that your arms don’t get tired.

Apply as needed e.g. during recess or other breaks.

Safety Energy Lock 15

Safety Energy Lock 15 is known as ‘wash our hearts with laughter’ and ‘the comedian’. It helps us to lighten up about situations. This is important when you’re under stress. I call it the ‘chillax’ pill. When we ‘chillax’ we can see situations as they are. We are not caught up in our emotions and can make decisions based on the facts in front of us.

Laughter is the best medicine and harmonizing safety energy lock 15 will help to boost your child’s immunity so that he or she doesn’t fall ill when the rest of his or her classmates are. Harmonizing this safety energy lock also helps reduce inflammation and is good for any conditions that end with ‘itis’ such as laryngitis and appendicitis.

To harmonize safety energy lock 15, wrap your thumbs around your hips. Place your fingers in your hip fold (where your legs meet your pelvis) for 2 minutes. If you can feel pulsation under your fingers, remove your fingers when pulsation subsides.

Apply as needed.



Holding your fingers

There are 5 disharmonizing Attitudes in Jin Shin Jyutsu. They are Worry, Fear, Anger, Sadness and Trying-to/Pretense. They form the acronym WFAST (‘get rid of Worry, FAST’). They are all represented on the fingers of the hand.

  • Holding the thumb helps us with Worry.
  • Holding the index finger helps us with Fear.
  • Holding the middle finger helps us with Anger.
  • Holding the ring finger helps us with Sadness.
  • Holding the pinky finger help us with Trying-to/ Pretense.

Hold the desired finger for about 2 minutes or as long as you like. In addition, each finger represents a Depth in Jin Shin Jyutsu, a biological building block e.g. bone, muscle, two organ function flow, 133,000 body functions, and 5 safety energy locks. Holding the finger will harmonize all of this including the respective Attitude.

The Big Hug

Safety energy lock 26 sits under the arms. Harmonizing safety energy lock 26 calms us down. This is especially useful in stressful situations such as before an exam. In addition, it helps with digestion and will get you out of a food coma.

To harmonize safety energy lock 26, give yourself a big hug. Hold it for 2 minutes. A hug produces a psychological effect of feeling loved and protected, which also helps reduce stress and anxiety.

Wishing you and your children all the best in the new school year!


Grace Ng Ee Wern is a Voice teacher and Jin Shin Jyutsu Physio-Philosophy Practitioner who teaches with her private voice studio Vocalogy in Singapore.

Jin Shin Jyutsu Physio-Philosophy is complementary to Western medicine. Please see a doctor if you need urgent medical help.

Photo Credit: Noa Strupler via photopin (license)

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