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Welcome to Vocalogy

Vocalogy is an integrated wellness and voice studio in Singapore that draws upon multi-disciplinary wellness practices to enhance mental, emotional and physical well-being.

It was founded in 2006 by Grace Ng Ee Wern, a former lawyer turned voice educator, Jin Shin energy healing practitioner and trained Clinical Hypnotherapist.

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‘Be like the lotus; trust in the light, grow through the the dirt, believe in new beginnings.’

Our logo is the 7 petal Flower of Being. Each petal represents one of the 7 chakras, the whole being a symbol of complete development of the human psyche- body, mind and spirit.
The green color is that of Anahata- the heart chakra, conveying our wish of growing love of the Self, the Environment and the World.

We operate within a well-being framework, by

Our Approach

We have two types of self-care wellness practices that you can choose from, or combine with your voice training.

Energy Healing

Poor singing technique can be attributed to energy not flowing smoothly through the body. Blocked or restricted energy flow can cause tension in the muscles and suboptimal vocal production.

Helping energy flow better can help you sing on pitch with greater ease and effortlessness. This can be done through various techniques to get have a nice voice such as Tai Chi, Reiki Energy Healing, Yoga and Jin Shin Energy Healing.

Nervous System

The nervous system has two modes of operation- sympathetic and parasympathetic. The sympathetic function of the nervous system protects you. It does this through flight (running away); fight; freeze (e.g. procrastination) and fawning (people pleasing). It is triggered by stress. The parasympathetic function of the nervous system is the body’s self-healing response. promoting rest, repair and digestion.

The body’s state of being is constantly re-aligning itself between these two poles. This is known as the ‘homeostatic balance’. Most people’s bodies tend to be more sympathetic in function due to chronic stress and anxiety. Our singing classes actively shift the balance towards parasympathetic function for a healthier body and mind.

Our founder

Grace Ee Wern Ng

Ms Ng is an international presenter with a passion for  new approaches to holistic vocal excellence.
‘The human body is a reservoir of stories and memories etched in flesh and bone. We help our clients explore that heritage, be present with it and release it into the collective consciousness through speech and song.’

Grace Ng Ee Wern is a trained lawyer, a certified Somatic Voicework teacher, a Jin Shin Energy Healing Physio-Philosophy practitioner and a trained Clinical Hypnotherapist.

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Our Methods

Our methods incorporate Eastern and Western biopsychosocial modalities in a homeostasis-based philosophy. Each method introduces a unique and distinct perspective to projects. Clients have a choice of individual methods, or a combination of methods that suit their needs.
All methods are non-invasive, completely organic, and do not require the consumption of any medication whatsoever, making them 100 percent complementary to a client’s existing wellbeing routine.

Neural activation

Neural activation examines emotional, mental and physiological projects through a biophysical lens. By identifying excesses and deficits in brain activation and improving the brain’s sensory capabilities, universal motor coordination, flexibility and strength improves, along with mood and feelings of well-being.

Jin Shin Energy Healing

Jin Shin energy healing is a Japanese metaphysical modality that references traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda. All projects, irrespective of whether they are of the mind or body, are a result of disruption to the body’s energy flow. Energy may be set right by holding the related finger.

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Clinical Hypnotherapy works with the autonomous nervous system to increase parasympathetic signalling for stress management and behavioural change.

Our Vocal Pedagogy

We teach functional voice pedagogy in a homeostasis-based pedagogy that works at the level of the brain and nerves.

Our work promotes the importance of training the heart as well as the mind, to instil creativity, compassion and courage within our students and their families by developing and enhancing physical, intellectual, relational and emotional skills that align with the principles and benefits of self-awareness, grounded in deep self-knowledge.
To that end, we have developed NeuroVoice and Jin Shin Voice- two proprietary methods of functional voice training that incorporate and encapsulate our philosophy. Clients may select to be trained with either one of, or a combination of both methods.
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Going Global

Folk all over the World are talking about us,  From Singapore to the UK and Australia, our fascinating approach is creating fans from across the globe.

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We are dedicated to upgrading our skills to bring you a top-of-the-line, cutting edge experience like no others.

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What Clients​​ Say

I really enjoy Grace's classes as she teaches voice work in a holistic context, and how overall physical and mental wellness supports speech and singing. Her lessons are never dull and there's always something new to learn! I've also learnt how to manage my stress and anxiety through breathing and Jin Shin Energy Healing techniques, which have been helpful in my daily life and work.
Samantha Leong
Grace has been our daughter’s singing teacher for last couple of years. Her very unique perspective on teaching music is a holistic approach focused on well-being, posture, and Jin Shin Energy Healing, which is a whole new perspective in unlocking our daughter’s potential despite her speech challenges.

Grace has a special way to engage and tons of empathy to connect with our daughter.
Nisha Mullatti
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